Neil Dhillon: Indian American’s Moving Forward

Neil Dhillon was asked to write a forward for a young Indian American legal scholar who at the time was studying at Columbia. At only 20 years old and an undergraduate who was about to publish a book, Neil Dhillon knew that Riddhi Dasgupta would be an inspiration to many. Riddhi Dasgupta wrote a book called Changing Face of the Law: A Global Perspective that was published in 2005. The forward focuses on a couple of ideas including what it means to be Indian American.

Neil Dhillon points out that there was an elected Indian-American in congress in 1956, Dalip Singh Saund, and it took 48 years for another Indian-American, Bobby Jindal to be elected. This he understands is a problem and argues that Indian Americans “must focus on bridging the gap.”

He is happy to see that there are more Indian Americans who try to run for an office and called 1994 when many ran as a “watershed year for Indian Americans on the national stage.” He points out that as more Indian Americans run for an office, the less rare it will be. When he was a congressional aide to Bob Matsui, he was the first one. He pointed out in the forward that in 2005, there were many.

He hoped that the same would happen with the emergence of elected members of the House of Representatives. This underlying idea and belief is what has led Neil Dhillon to continue his support of Indian Americans pursuing legal fields and Political Aspirations. Neil Dhillon continues to be a leader in the Indian American community precisely because they know that he pursues a path that will lead to greater political representation and can hopefully open more doors that remain shut.

Neil Dhillon, Indian American Leader

Neil Dhillon was very excited to work in the Clinton White house. In an interview with “Purane Pappee” for the newsgroup, soc.culture.indian, he pointed out how important it was for him personally and how difficult the job would be:

  • “My job here (at the White House) is to create a congressional agenda which will help create jobs for this country, and help the infrastructure of this country too. That is no easy task as you can imagine. We have lots of hard work ahead of us. I am excited to work in the Clinton Administration.”

He also how touched on how important it was for Indian-Americans. The interview was conducted the day after the White House kicked off Asian-American Heritage month. He said he was proud to be a part of that. He also noted that, at the time of the interview there were 33 Asian-American appointees and only three of them were of Indian descent.

He pointed out that he was proud so many Indian Americans had been successful in the fields of Medicine, Computers, Science and Technology but he believed that there it was important to the Indian-American community that they be port of “where all the important decisions are being made.” He continually encouraged young Indian-Americans to get involved and was well known as someone who was willing to help. He even wrote the forward for a young undergraduate who would go on to work as a faculty advisor for Oxford University in England, Riddhi Dasgupta.

Neil Dhillon: Indian American Leader

Neil Dhillon is a leader of the Indian American Movement, and he has built that leadership up through the year with respect. When Bill Clinton appointed him, he was widely recognized as one of the United States highest Appointees for someone of Indian descent. In an interview three and a half months after he had been appointed, “Purane Pappee” interviewed Neil Dhillon for the newsgroup, soc.culture.indian.

During the interview, Neil Dhillon spoke about many things including the time during the campaign when there was an event at the convention in New York. The event was July of 1992 and more than 1,000 people attended. The attendees mostly were comprised of Asian Americans. Attended By Hillary Clinton, Neil Dhillon was pleased to see pleased to see that there were a large number of Indian-Americans in the group; “However, I am still very concerned about the number of Indian-Americans involved in the political process – there are not many” mused Neil Dhillon.

Neil Dhillon was a large part of the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1992 and his hard work and dedication paid off when he was appointed to a sub-cabinet position in the White House. He wondered during the interview what had happened to the previous Indian-Americans and why they were not involved in the political process. He believed at the time that it was important for the Indian American Community to “improve our skills and get involved in the political process.” Twenty-two years later thoughts have proven true. Many more Indian-Americans have gotten involved into the political process.

Neil Dhillon: Chief of Staff

Neil Dhillon was Chief of staff to United States Congressman Bob Matsui. A United States House of Representative’s chief of staff is for the most part the highest Ranking staffer of a US. House member. The Chief of Staff for a member of the United States House Representatives has a wide variety of duties they have to attend to on a daily basis. In addition to the following, they are expected help with anything that need doing. Some of the duties may include:

• Overseeing more than a dozen employees, most of whom will often come from their election staff or be friends with the congressperson.
• While the duties a chief of staff has is normally decided by the congressperson, they will often include policy initiatives and personal decisions
• Normally the chief if staff is also the chief policy advisor and chief strategist for the congressperson.
• The chief of staff will also normally handle coordinating the schedule of the congressperson in regards to the rest of the US House, Party Leadership and Committee assignments.
• The chief of staff will also have other duties such as overseeing the office budget, conducting staff meetings, and speaking with constituents when the member is not available.

Neil Dhillon knows that the key to being congressional and United States House Members Chief of staff is full of long hours and requires a very flexible schedule. The ability to fly to home state at the drop of a hat is all part of the job and while salaries are okay, it is still a difficult position to become accustomed to.

Neil Dhillon: Tips for Better Communication

Neil Dhillon is an experienced and skilled communicator, and has enjoyed the opportunity to use his communication skills in a variety of professional levels. Formerly a political appointee, Neil Dhillon understands the need to be clear, direct and honest with one’s audience, particularly in a position of prominence.

Below are some items from Neil Dhillon on how to break the ice in a new relationship through communication:

  • Be Clear: When making any form of contact with a currently unknown entity, clarity is generally always the best route, according to Neil Dhillon. The more precise and clear one is about who they are and where they’re coming from, the more likely they are to obtain a better result from their endeavors, according to Neil Dhillon.
  • Consistency: Neil Dhillon says that all relationships are susceptible to the pitfalls of changing circumstances and environments. Neil Dhillon says that when making a concerted effort to establish maintain a professional relationship, it’s important to be consistent in your intention, message, and deliverables.
  • Be Succinct: It’s important, says Neil Dhillon, to keep both written and verbal communication succinct, on subject and to the point.

Maintaining professional relationships can be a highly rewarding and enriching experience, concludes Neil Dhillon. The ability to cultivate and maintain relationships, whether in the workplace, at a conference or in a public speaking setting, can have amazing enhancement potential in a variety of professional careers. Neil Dhillon believes that communication can be a powerful tool, and is perhaps the most important aspect of relationship building and maintenance.

Neil Dhillon: Understanding The Media

From more than 10 years, Neil Dhillon has provided his extensive experience and expertise in the area of public affairs, public relations and a variety of others areas to support individuals, organizations, and entities that are dedicated to doing good in the lives of people.

Some of the work from Neil Dhillon has been involved with includes the service he gave to the Transportation Department. During his time as Chief of Staff to California Congressman Bob Matsui, Neil Dhillon was highly resourceful in taking on responsibilities for a political appointee and public servant.

Having served with great distinction as the in government, Neil Dhillon is now the Senior Vice President of the NA Consulting Services. Prior to his position at NA Consulting Services, Neil Dhillon worked as the Managing Director & Senior Vice President of Government and Strategic Communications.

A wide-range of services are offered at the firm of NA Consulting Services, including Public Relations and Events.

The world of media is very expansive and has reach into the lives of billions of people. While much of today’s media has become fragmented between television, internet, and traditional paper media, there are several reasons why media still has  a central role in the work ofnumerous organizations including political organizations, says Neil Dhillon.

Neil Dhillon says that those interested in the media realm as a career should explore the various educational programs offered at colleges and universities that emphasis on media and communications. The media industry is very vast and there are many opportunities available for those interested in the field, summarizes Neil Dhillon.

Neil Dhillon On The World of Lobbying

One of the main focuses that has been a feature of the remarkable career of Neil Dhillon has been his work as a lobbyist. Neil Dhillon is a widely recognized for outstanding commitment to his duties across numerous areas of his expertise.

Neil Dhillon is a professional who has created a track-record of outstanding accomplishments in the areas of strategic communications as well as global public affairs, strategic communications, government relations, issues management, crisis communications, and other areas. Neil Dhillon has vast experience in the realm of legislative and regulatory issues and has devised a number of corporate communication programs.


Neil Dhillon is a former Chief of Staff for former U.S. congressman Bob Melsui(D-CA).

Neil Dhillon also has extensive knowledge in the world of lobbying. Neil Dhillon draws from significant experience in lobbying and is very well-versed in health, education, financial services, energy and environment. Neil Dhillon has made a commitment to serving the firms that he’s been involved with professionally with great care and dedication. Currently, Neil Dhillon is the Senior Vice President of NA Consulting Services. At NA Consulting Services, Neil Dhillon works diligently in providing his leadership, expertise and skills to the organization.

Some of the most important aspects of his Neil Dhillon’s work are cornering the improvement of others’ lives through advocacy and lobbying.

Neil Dhillon is a dedicated supporter of underserved communities and as a believer in always doing what he can to help those in need. Whether homelessindividuals or those suffering from afflictions that are different in nature, Neil Dhillon has led of supporting good causes.

Neil Dhillon: Department of Transportation

Neil Dhillon is an eminently qualified former official of the United States government. In his tenure at the U.S. Department of Transportation, Neill Dhillon was honored as a top Asian-American Political Appointee during the Clinton Administration. For many years, Neil Dhillon has established significant experience in the area of public affairs, crisis communications, strategic communications, media relations, policy, public policy government, message development, as well as corporate communications.

While serving as a Congressional Chief of Staff for Bob Matsui, Neil Dhillon was committed to cultivating and sustaining relationships throughout Washington, D.C. Neil Dhillon is familiar with utilizing his public sector experience toserve a numberhigh-profile D.C. based consulting and lobbying firms such as Financial Dynamics, Ruder Fin, MSL Group, Hill & Knowlton, American Academy of Actuaries, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, and the office of U.S. Congressman Bob Matsui (D-CA).

Over and over again, Neil Dhillon has exemplified management expertise in a number of positions, including his most recent role at MSOUHP where he served as the Managing Director of the firm.

In his service for former US congressman Bob Matsui, Neil Dhillon worked extensively in his duties as an appointee to the congressman’s Transportation Department. Neil Dhillon was committed to ensuring that the objectives of the Department of Transportation, including its responsibility to ensure the fast, safe, and convenient transportation system met standards both state and federal, where carried out efficiently and effectively.

Neil Dhillon has diligently served in his focus of making the system a better one for every U.S. citizen.

Neil Dhillon: Devoted To His Community

Neil Dhillon is a highly diligent professional who draws from extensive experience and expertise in his role as the Senior Vice President of NA Consulting Services. Prior to his service at NA Consulting Services, Neil Dhillon served as the Managing Director of MSL Group. In his duties at NA Consulting Services, Neil Dhillon was responsible for coordinating the objectives of one of Washington, D.C.’s most influential political firms.

Neil Dhillon has led a remarkable career. For more than 10 years, Neil Dhillon has demonstrated exceptional expertisein ensuring that his employers. Neil Dhillon’s colleagues, associates, and peers are able to trust that Neil Dhillon will not only get the job done, but go above and beyond in a way the leaves positive impact. Neil Dhillon was a political appointee to high-profile public representatives, including former US President Bill Clinton.


Neil Dhillon has a deep knowledge of many areas, including public relations, public affairs, Strategic communications and crisis communications.

One of the areas that Neil Dhillon is most passionate about is being a representative and advocate for the American Indian Community. In the early 1990’s, Neil Dhillon was recognized as a Top Asian-American Political Appointee during a White House Ceremony.

Neil Dhillon was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Governmental Affairs for the Department during the Clinton Administration. He has provided exemplary service to his country and to the people of the United States, and is proud of the work he has accomplished as a member of the Clinton Adminstration.

Neil Dhillon: Recognized Leader

For many years, Neil Dhillon has worked in the areas of public affairs, crisis communications, strategic communications, media relations, public policy, policy, message development, and government. As a top specialist in his areas of expertise, Neil Dhillon has a track-record of leadership.

Leadership is a skill that serves a valuable purpose in many aspects of life, and throughout his career which spans more than 10 years, Neil Dhillon has exemplified the qualities of a true leader.

Neil Dhillon is currently the Senior Vice President of NA Consulting Services Services in Washington, D.C. In his work at NA Consulting Services, Neil Dhillon works extensively in Strategic Communications and Government Relations. Prior to his position at NA Consulting Services, Neil Dhillon served in a variety of leadership positions with several top firms.

From 2008 until 2013, Neil Dhillon was the Managing Director & Senior Vice President of Government Relations for MSL Group. From 2006 – 2008, Neil Dhillon was the Managing Director for Rudder Finn. At Financial Dynamics, Neil Dhillon served as the company’s U.S. Director of Public Affairs.

As a leader in the Indian American Community, Neil Dhillon has served in 2 high-profile positions.

Neil Dhillon is a highly active member of his community and has served a variety of causes as an advocate and supporter. Throughout his career, Neil Dhillon has exemplified the characteristics that are inherent in excellent leadership. Neil Dhillon is an eminently qualified staff leader. Neil Dhillon is a recognized leader and has provided superlative communications, staff management, and scheduling for a high-profile public representative.